Sexual Harassment Training

TrainingABC offers the most comprehensive library of sexual harassment training programs available on the market. Our video-based programs come in DVD, streaming or e-learning delivery. Whether you need a program set in a specific environment such as office, industrial or retail or you need a specific type of program such as a drama, a vignette-based course or a powerful meeting opener, we have what you need.

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Despite years of prevention training and the media spotlight, Sexual Harassment continues to be a plague on our workplaces and schools. There isn’t a week that goes by that we don’t see another headline featuring a prominent figure in trouble for Sexual Harassment. For every political figure and corporate CEO who gets the headlines, there are thousands of cases occurring in thousands of workplaces every day. These (regular) non high profile cases never make it into print or onto a television camera, however they are just as insidious. While many of these cases result in lawsuits, many others fester in the shadows causing poor workplace morale, poor productivity and health problems for the victims. Statistics show that 50% of women and 20% of men will experience Sexual Harassment at some point in their career. These huge numbers show just how deep the scourge of harassment has burrowed into the workplace. Make sure that your organization does everything in its power to prevent harassment. Sexual Harassment training is the single most important factor in reducing harassment. A yearly training program will remind employees of the behaviors to avoid and the repercussions that could result from poor behavior. In addition, it will reinforce your organization’s zero tolerance policy on harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Select a program today and begin to educate your employees immediately.

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