The WARN Act Made Simple

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This detailed course on the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act covers everything employers need to know to be in compliance.


The Act was designed to assist workers in the event of significant layoffs or plant closures. It provides workers with sufficient time to prepare for the transition between jobs. Simply put, the WARN Act requires employers to give 60 days notice in the event of a plant closing or a mass layoff to affected employees, union representatives, and local government officials.


The course covers:


  • Organizations Covered by the Act
  • Employees Covered by the Act
  • Bumping Rights
  • Employees Not Protected by the WARN Act
  • Employees Not Counted Under the Act
  • When is the WARN Act Triggered?
  • Calculating Timeframes
  • Exceptions to the 60-Day Notice
  • Exceptions
  • Contents of the Notice
  • Dislocated Worker Unit and Local Chief Elected Official Notices
  • State Rapid Response Dislocated Worker Unit
  • The Alternative Notice
  • Notice to Union Representatives
  • The Dates of Closures/Lay Offs
  • Extension of Notices
  • Serving Notices
  • The Sale of a Business
  • Does WARN replace other notice laws or contracts?
  • WARN Penalties
  • Warn Enforcement
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple
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