Interviewing & Hiring

Hiring the right person for the job.  There’s almost nothing more important.  Learning solid interviewing techniques will not only save your organization time and hassle but will also save a lot of money as well.  Our training library includes behavior interviewing training programs, as well as programs that will walk your managers through the legal way to conduct an interview.  Most of our videos are conveniently available through DVD, streaming or e-learning.  Take a look at our library by viewing the video previews available on every product and begin to train your managers on how to conduct a legal and effective interview today.

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Making an incorrect hiring decision or accidentally making a discriminatory or other legal mistake during an interview is expensive.  Hiring the wrong person means wasted training dollars and the cost of going through the process all over again.  Violating the law could mean a lawsuit, which results in lost time, the potential of a judgment against you and bad publicity.  Let our interviewing experts like Dr. Paul Green guide you through productive and efficient interviews that pass the legal test as well.

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