Building Your Team: Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring

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This one of a kind video is specifically designed for recruiting, interviewing and hiring for retail organizations.  Finding and hiring the best associates is quite possibly the most important job of any retail manager.  This program will take your managers step by step through the process and leave them armed with the training needed to staff your store with reliable and effective employees.


The program begins with recruiting and stresses that finding quality employees is easier than you might think.  It's as simple as keeping your eyes open during day to day transactions with staff in the businesses that you shop at personally.  


The video covers:


  • Exactly what to look for in a recruit
  • Being on the lookout for potential candidates even if your organization is fully staffed.
  • Exactly what to say when talking to a potential recruit.
  • How to follow up with a recruit.

Next, the program covers interviewing and focuses on the following training points:

  • Making the interviewee feel comfortable.
  • Taking Notes.
  • Asking Open-Ended questions.
  • Asking legally appropriate questions.
  • Using a two-step probe or echo-statement if needed.
  • Asking a hypothetical question
  • Thanking the interviewee and being careful not to promise or imply that they got the job


The program finishes with hiring and covers the following.


  • Performing reference checks.
  • Evaluating the Applicant.
  • Deciding if the applicant has the necessary skills for the job.
  • Trusting your mind over your “gut feeling.”
  • Making the Job Offer.
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