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This video-based training program is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
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The Retail Learning Library is a 6 Video or DVD Series that covers orientation, selling skills, customer service, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, leadership through communication, loss prevention, harassment, and discrimination.

Programs: (click on the titles for more information or to view an online preview)

Actions and Attitudes

Today, more than ever, the biggest advantage one organization can have over another is its employees. This program offers participants an opportunity to develop and enhance their customer service techniques by examining many vignettes focusing on five specific "Actions and Attitudes."

Building Your Team

Great teams don't just happen - they are carefully crafted over time. This program presents the simple techniques you can use anywhere to meet new recruits and get them interested in joining your team. The participant will learn specifically what to say during an initial meeting, how to follow up with the prospective recruit, and how to make the transition from casual conversation to a formal interview.

Five Star Selling

Perfect for new employees, this program presents a logical, five-step selling process which new hires can easily memorize and start using with customers right away.

Leadership Through Communication

Leadership is a skill which must be developed and practiced. This program focuses on building new leaders for all divisions and at all levels of your retail organization. With an emphasis on communication skills, we learn some of the specific tools managers may use to improve individual and team performance.

The S.T.O.P. Shop

The program presents simple loss prevention techniques which should become a part of every employee's routine. Specifically, the viewer will learn exactly what is expected of them in preventing losses. Topics include dealing with short change artists, spotting shoplifters, combating theft through positive customer service, and many more.

Welcome to the Team

This program discusses the basics of retail employment. Topics presented include: Job responsibilities, Basic loss prevention, Appearance and dress code and Safety

Series Includes: 6 DVD's and 2 Participant Guides.

  • Actions & Attitudes: Providing Extraordinary Customer Service
  • Building Your Team: Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring
  • Five Star Selling: Easy Steps to Great Retail Sales
  • Leadership Through Communication
  • The S.T.O.P. Shop: Shrinkage Training and Orientation Program
  • Welcome to the Team - Retail Employee Orientation Course
  • Retail Learning Library
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