The S.T.O.P. Shop: Shrinkage Training and Orientation Program

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Video Length
12 minutes
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The S.T.O.P. shop is a loss prevention training video specifically made for retail associates.  The program covers both internal and external factors that affect shrinkage in retail stores.  The techniques presented in the program are designed to become part of every associate's routine giving them the tools they need to find shoplifting and other factors that cause loss.


This training video has four sections:


  • Awareness
  • External Losses
  • Internal Theft
  • Operational Error


Your employees will be given simple prevention techniques that they can apply on a day-to-day basis.  Specifically, employees will learn:


  • How to deal with short-change artists.
  • How to recognize shoplifters.
  • How customer service and attentiveness can prevent shoplifting.
  • How preventing shrinkage can help an employee's career.
  • How to avoid falling for tricks that shoplifters use.
  • How shoplifters come from all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities and simply can't be profiled.  
  • How-to avoid credit card fraud.
  • The best practices for taking cash, giving change and securing the register.
  • How internal theft is 70% of all loss.
  • Best practices for inspecting and securing employee bags and other items.


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