Terms and Conditions

TrainingABC has been in business for 23 years and one of the major reasons is that we stand by our product and treat our customers with respect.


  • We guarantee that all DVDs and USB Flash drives will work properly on your computers and DVD players.  In the rare instance that the product arrives damaged or defective we will replace it immediately.  Please keep in mind that Windows Media Player and VLC Player no longer will play commercially made DVDs and that a third party video player designed specifically to play DVDs must be downloaded to your computer.  Many of our customers have been successful using PowerDVD by Cyberlink.
  • We guarantee that all SCORM 1.2 E-Learning files will work properly on your learning management system and MP4 video files will work properly on your computers and servers.  If they do not, we will provide a different format and always provide a full refund if we cannot find a solution that works.
  • One of the unique features of our website is that in most cases we allow customers to view exactly what they are purchasing prior to purchase so there are no surprises.  However, we also offer a no questions asked 15-day return policy on everything we sell.


DVD and USB Terms and Conditions


  • DVDs and USB Flash Drives are copy protected, so that the electronic files on them cannot be removed.  The license for these products lasts forever, however they can only be shown on one monitor at a time at one location at a time.  They cannot be broadcast over the internet or your company's internet.  They can be played on a computer and projected to a large audience in one room or on a large monitor through a DVD player.
  • If you need to broadcast a course over your organization's intranet, place the file on your server or place the program in a learning management system, please select the electronic enterprise licence or OnDemand streaming.

Other Important Details:


  • Unless it is expressly allowed by contract, all purchases are for your organization only and cannot be shared among organziations or taken by you to another position at another organization.  Consultants are allowed to use our products at multiple customer sites.



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