Harassment (all types)

TrainingABC offers the largest selection of harassment training videos in the industry.  Our courses are legally up-to-date and are available in DVD, streaming or e-learning delivery.  These titles cover all types of harassment as defined by the law, including sexual harassment, workplace harassment and workplace bullying. 

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In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act making harassment and discrimination against protected groups illegal.  The discriminatory workplace practices that had plagued organizations for years finally became illegal with the passage of this Act.  However, 50 years later harassment still occurs in the workplace.  The headlines are still full of cases of Sexual Harassment as well as harassment against the protected groups such as age or race. 


There are two types of workplace harassment.  The first, and more common, type of harassment occurs when there is a Hostile Workplace.  This occurs when comments or conduct within the work environment that are sexually offensive or offensive to a federally protected class become so pervasive that they interfere with an individual's ability to work effectively.  The second type of harassment can only be perpetrated by a person in a supervisory or managerial role and occurs when the behavior results in a tangible change in an employee’s work status like a promotion, demotion or termination. 


TrainingABC carries programs for office, industrial, retail, government and other workplace environments and we have hard-hitting short programs, like best sellers Harassment Made Simple and Harassment Made Simple for Managers and Workplace Bully Made Simple, and longer vignette-based courses like Harassment Hurts: It's Personal


Make sure that your organization prevents harassment with a comprehensive harassment training program. Whether you need a refresher course or a longer more in-depth program, you will find what you are looking for in our library. 

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