Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple for Managers

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This sexual harassment program for managers is available in a variety of formats and delivery methods.
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A Sexual Harassment Course for Managers 


Managers have the dual responsibility of avoiding harassing conduct themselves while preventing it in the workforce they manage. This brand new production defines exactly what sexual harassment is in layman's terms, then gives managers the instruction they need to prevent and handle harassment situations when they occur.


Main Training Points

  • What is Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment?
  • How to avoid Quid Pro Quo situations.
  • What is Hostile Environment sexual harassment?
  • Behaviors that could result in Hostile Environment sexual harassment.
  • Social media risks for managers.
  • Prevention techniques.
  • How to recognize the signs of sexual harassment.
  • How to counsel employees.
  • How to take a sexual harassment complaint.
  • Investigation techniques.
  • And more.

Managers are the single most important factor in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.  When managers take prevention seriously, the occurrence rate drops significantly.

For a non-manager course check out our sexual harassment course for employees.

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