Frequently Asked Questions

What are the delivery methods available for your courses?
The delivery methods for each course are listed on the product description page.  In most cases, the courses are available on DVD, USB flash drive, MP4, SCORM, Online Training, and onDemand streaming.

What does MP4 mean?
MP4 is the most common video type available today and can be played on virtually every computer in the world.  Once you have completed your purchase and we have verified your payment, a link to download the MP4 video file will be sent to your email.

What does SCORM mean? The easiest way to describe SCORM is as a file type.

Are your e-learning programs available for preview? Yes, in most cases. Click on SCORM download button or the Online Training button.  A link to evaluate the e-learning course will appear on the left side of the screen.

What is your address?
Our address is 136 Granville street, Suite 200, Gahanna OH 43230.  This address works for USPS and private delivery companies.

Do you accept purchase orders?
We accept all purchase orders from all USA and Canadian government offices and schools. We also accept purchase orders from most USA and Canadian organizations. We do not accept purchase orders from organizations outside of the USA and Canada.

Can we preview your videos before purchase?
In most cases, we have the full length video available for preview on the product description page. Simply click on the video screen to start the program.

My support materials are missing from my order? The support materials are in PDF form either on the DVD itself, on a CD-Rom that came with the order, or they are downloaded to your hard drive from a web address that you will find on the back of the DVD.

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