Workplace Bullying

TrainingABC is on the cutting edge of bullying prevention as one of the first companies to produce a training course on workplace bullying.  Workplace bullying is not a new phenomenon; it is just now getting recognized for what it is…a serious threat to health, productivity and retention in our workplaces. We offer both hard-hitting meeting opener programs and longer vignette style courses.  Delivery is offered through DVD, streaming and e-learning.

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Cases of schoolyard bullying and cyberbullying among children are well documented, however cases of workplace bullying, although not as often reported, are just as disturbing.  Many psychologists have compared the effects of bullying as similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.  Bullying is a disturbing virus that infects our workplaces eating them from within.  Allowing bullying to fester will lower employee morale, cause employee turnover and result in missed time for health reasons and as a result will lower your organization’s productivity and efficiency.

Workplace Bullying Conduct

Bullying can manifest itself as yelling, sarcasm, put-downs or any other verbal abuse and, more rarely, as physical abuse by shoving, grabbing, blocking a person’s path or physical intimidation.  Bullying can come in the form of stealing a co-worker’s ideas, gossiping, defamation or sabotage.  A manager could perpetrate bullying by giving huge, unreasonable workloads to a subordinate employee or singling out an employee for unfair treatment or expectations.  There are hundreds of different ways that a bully can make his or her presence known, but the underlying motivation is power and control.  For business, health and moral reasons, organization’s need to educate their employees on the definition of bullying and how to prevent it. We can set your organization up with a program today and you can begin training immediately, so don’t let bullying harm your organization any longer and choose a program today.

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