The 4 DVD Made Simple Series: Workplace Bullying, Harassment, Ethics & Sexual Harassment

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The Made Simple Series is a 4 DVD series that covers Workplace Bullying, Workplace Ethics, Workplace Harassment & Sexual Harassment.

Workplace Bullying Made Simple: Bullying Prevention in the Workplace

Workplace Bullying Made Simple is a short but comprehensive workplace bullying prevention video that covers every aspect of the important topic in just 5 and a half minutes.

Workplace bullying is not a new problem, but only just recently has the plague of bullying at work been quantified. Conservative estimates put the loss in productivity at over a billion dollars in the USA alone. A decline in employee morale, loss of productivity, employee turnover, health problems and loss in organizational reputation are just a few of the problems that the bullying causes.

This brand-new production covers every aspect of bullying from manager to subordinate to peer-to-peer bullying.

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Harassment Made Simple

Harassment Made Simple is a short but comprehensive harassment prevention video that covers every aspect of this important legal topic in just 6 minutes.

This brand new Harassment video covers The Protected Groups, Hostile Environment Harassment, The Reasonable Person Standard, Prevention Techniques, Physical, Verbal and Cyber Bullying, Texting Harassment, E-mail Harassment, Social Networking sites, Gender Harassment, Disability Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Same Sex Harassment, Religious Harassment, Pregnancy Jokes and Comments, Sexual jokes, Gossiping and spreading rumors, Menacing, threatening or intimidating, Insensitive jokes or comments, Slurs or epithets, Exclusion or Isolation, Use of demeaning or offensive names, Legal consequences for harassers, Harassment by Non-Employees such as customers, vendors, consultants or delivery persons, Retaliation.

Brand-New Production

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Sexual Harassment Made Simple

Sexual Harassment Made Simple is a short but comprehensive harassment prevention video that covers every aspect of this important legal topic in just 6 minutes.

The program covers: This brand new Sexual Harassment video covers Quid Pro Quo Harassment, Hostile Environment Sexual Harassment, The Reasonable, Person Standard, Prevention Techniques, Sexting, E-mail Harassment, Gender Harassment, Harassment by Non-Employees, Same Sex Harassment, Pregnancy Jokes and Comments, Sexual jokes, Verbal behaviors such as suggestive whistling & catcalls, Unwanted repeated requests for dates & flirting, Leering, Physical behaviors such as back rubs, back scratching & hugs, Use of demeaning names, Social Networking sites, Legal consequences for harassers, And much more.

Brand-New Production

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Workplace Ethics Made Simple

Ethics Made Simple is a short but comprehensive workplace ethics training program that covers virtually every major workplace ethics topic in 8 and a half minutes.  Make sure your employees are armed with the facts about what behaviors are unacceptable in your workplace.

This business ethics training program covers.

  • Theft - including office supplies, copies, merchandise.
  • Illegally copying or downloading patented or copyrighted materials 
  • Taking credit for or stealing the work of co-workers.
  • Reporting more hours than you actually worked, falsifying pay records or reporting inflated business expenses for reimbursement.
  • Deliberately doing less work than you are capable of out of laziness or to lower future expectations.
  • Socializing with friends or family during work hours.
  • Falsifying company documents to pass inspections by your organization or by local, state or federal government officials.
  • Lying to or misleading customers about the attributes of your organization’s products or services or the ability to deliver those products and services.
  • Falsifying the results of research and development.
  • Destroying sensitive company documents and emails that could be harmful in the case of audits, reviews, and litigation.
  • Violating anti-trust laws by colluding with competitors.
  • Manipulating financial information.
  • Failing to follow your organization’s safety procedures or failing to follow federal, state or local government safety rules.
  • Viewing or sharing confidential customer, patient or employee information without authorization or approval.
  • Insider trading 
  • Gossiping, menacing, intimidating, teasing or taunting your co-workers.
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Giving bribes to or accepting bribes.
  • Discrimination 
  • The consequences of violating ethical standards

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