Performance Appraisal

One of a manager's most important responsibilities is giving performance appraisals to the employees that he or she supervises.  This can be a difficult topic for both parties especially when negative behaviors are discussed.  However, with the right tools and guidance a manager can give feedback in a constructive way that promotes performance improvement.  TrainingABC offers a large library of performance appraisal training videos to help your managers tackle this important skill.

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Performance appraisals are a great opportunity to give both positive and negative feedback.  However, the performance appraisal doesn’t begin or end with the appraisal meeting.  Performance appraisal is a constant process of coaching employees to achieve their best.  Positive feedback continues to promote good results among employees and challenges them to do their best.  Negative feedback, when giving timely, can also turn into a positive challenge that an employee can use to turn around his or her performance.  If negative feedback is not given timely, habits and routines can form making it much more difficult for an employee to curtail a behavior or work process. 


Speaking encouragingly instead of threateningly to an employee can also go a long way to motivating any change that you are looking to promote.  If employees feels like a manager is rooting for their success and believes in them, they are much more likely to be successful.


Performance appraisals are also important to have on record in the event that positive improvements are not made.  Documentation of all feedback and efforts to promote the positive change will be necessary if employment action needs to be taken.


TrainingABC offers a wide array of videos aimed at making every manager successful in the performance appraisal process.  Most titles are available in DVD, streaming and e-learning.  Let us help you make the best of all your employees!

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