Conducting Legal Performance Appraisals

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Conducting effective performance appraisals that are legally defensible is an essential responsibility of every manager.  Performance appraisals not only need to drive an effective strategy for performance improvement, but they also have to stand up to legal scrutiny for wrongful termination claims and to charges of EEO violations.


Fortunately, by following a series of sound, practical guidelines managers can develop a file of legally defensible documentation that will help them prevail in court and greatly reduce their chances of facing legal scrutiny in the first place.  Performance appraisals should be free of bias and emotion and prepared with job-related work performance only.  This fair and consistent approach increases employee morale and results in better work performance throughout the organization.


This program covers:


  • Preparation
  • Documentation & Record Keeping
  • Performance Logs
  • Conducting a job analysis
  • Employee Self-Appraisals
  • Best practices for appraisal forms
  • Best practices for appraisal meetings
  • Keeping appraisals objective and job-related
  • Goal setting
  • Inaccurate Ratings
  • Harassment Prevention Made Simple
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple
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