Workplace Violence

It seems like we see a new headline every week…another workplace or school racked by a tragic attack. Workplace violence has become almost commonplace. TrainingABC offers a wide selection of workplace violence prevention videos. Teach your employees the techniques and strategies to prevent workplace violence in your workplace and what to do if an attack occurs in your organization.

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There are many warning signs for workplace violence. Employees who are short tempered, argue with co-workers and customers, make vague threats, see themselves as a victim of management or are unable to cope when passed over for a promotion could be ripe for an incident. In addition, management should look for people who suddenly have negative changes in behavior like excessive absences or tardiness, appearance or performance. If an employee talks incessantly or seems to have a particular fascination with weapons precautions should be taken. Especially, if this fascination occurs in tandem with one or more of the other signs.


While these signs are not necessarily the signs of an employee on the edge of workplace violence, a manager should still offer counseling or other actions that help the worker cope with his or her emotions. Even if the employee wasn’t capable of a workplace violence act, this type of intervention should be routine as party of employee wellness programs. While workplace violence cannot necessarily be stopped every time, workplace’s can greatly reduce their risk of an incident through proper training.

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