Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of, manage and utilize personal emotions and the emotions of others in personal and social relations. 


Studies show that having a genius level IQ or tremendous personal talent are less important than that having emotional intelligence. People with high levels of emotional intelligence thrive in social situation and private interactions and react in effective, positive ways when in the face strong personal emotions. 


Make sure that your employees learn about emotional intelligence and how to apply it their work and personal lives.


Course Objectives


  • Use self-recognition to be aware of emotions and their effect on interpersonal relationships
  • Managing and channeling emotions to create positive results
  • Pause and think to prevent poor decisions and to enable good choices
  • Make decisions that align with principles and personal values
  • Use emotion as motivation to achieve positive results.
  • Use empathy to recognize and understand emotions in others
  • Recognize subconscious non-verbal cues in social and interpersonal communication
  • Listen to understand emotions in others
  • Benefit from Criticism
  • Deliver positive and negative feedback
  • Have the strength and courage to apologize when it is warranted
  • Forgive others allows you to move on and not be held hostage by emotion. 
  • Keep commitments, agreements and promises
  • Help other succeed
  • Watch for manipulation
  • Harassment Prevention Made Simple
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple
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