Emotional Intelligence

The corporate world places a lot of emphasis on intelligence; yet sometimes, managers and owners fail at recognizing and encouraging different types of aptitude. An employee with years of experience in his or her field likely possesses the intelligence necessary to complete the task at hand. Yet when dealing with people, whether fellow coworkers or customers and clients, a different type of intelligence is necessary: emotional.

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to express one’s feelings adequately while simultaneously understanding and responding to the emotions of others. In the corporate world, this is essential to quality customer service and a healthy, productive work environment. For this reason, we offer a selection of emotional intelligence training videos that build on individuals’ innate strengths, teaching them how to bolster their emotional intelligence and subsequently improve their interactions with others.


In the workplace, a lack of emotional intelligence is often at the crux of confrontation. Something as simple as a team member not recognizing, or properly responding to, another team member’s frustration with the direction of a project can send the entire team or office into an uncontrollable downward spiral, reducing productivity and overall quality. In the same vein, an employee who lacks emotional intelligence often has difficulty dealing with customers and clients, and can potentially drive them away, costing your business money.


These emotional intelligence videos address all of these scenarios and more, providing you and your staff with the tools that they need to strengthen an often neglected area in the business world. Don’t let a lack of emotional intelligence hold you or your staff back: learn how to improve communication and your workplace environment.

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