Harassment Prevention Made Simple French-Canadian Version

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A workplace harassment course for employees narrated and titled in French-Canadian.


The best-selling harassment prevention video, Harassment Prevention Made Simple, is now available in French-Canadian.  Harassment Prevention Made Simple is a short, but comprehensive look at harassment in the workplace.  The video has a direct style that leaves no doubt in the viewer's mind that harassment in the workplace is not acceptible.

This video covers the following essential parts of harassment prevention

  • The groups that are susceptible to harassment
  • Hostile Environment Harassment
  • The Reasonable Person Standard
  • Techniques to prevent harassment
  • Physical, Verbal and Cyber Bullying
  • Texting, e-mail and social networking harassment
  • Gender Harassment
  • Disability Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Same-Sex Harassment
  • Religious Harassment
  • Pregnancy harassment
  • Inappropriate or insensitive jokes and humor
  • Gossiping and spreading rumors
  • Menacing, threatening or intimidating co-workers
  • Slurs or epithets
  • Exclusion or Isolation
  • Use of demeaning or offensive names
  • Legal consequences for harassers
  • Harassment by Non-Employees such as customers, vendors, patients, consultants or delivery persons
  • Retaliation
  • And much more.


Your employees will finish their harassment training in under 15 minutes

There is a reason Harassment Prevention Made Simple is used by over 1000 US organizations.  The course includes a 6-minute video and a 15 question quiz...which means your employees will finish their training and be back to work in under 15 minutes.  The full HD video is slick and modern and (unlike a lot of other harassment videos on the market) has no cheesy, poorly acted vignettes.  Viewers get to see what harassment looks like, but they don't have to watch silly scenarios that make this serious topic humorous.


In 6 minutes, the video covers more content than most 20-30 minute programs on the market which only show 5-6 scenarios in long vignette form.  Take a look a the preview above and add your organization's name to the long list that already have made their harassment training simple.


For DVD, USB flash drive, streaming and MP4 purchases, the quiz comes in PDF form in the support materials.  For SCORM e-learning and online training purchasers, the quiz is part of the course and is scored, recorded and tracked for your convenience.

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