California 1-hour Sexual Harassment for Non-Supervisory Employees Course (SB1343)

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Production Date
Video Length
58 minutes
Closed Captioning
Course Length
60 minutes
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This brand new production satisfies California's SB1343 legislation for non-supervisory employees.


The course has 8 sections:


  • Sexual Harassment Prevention in California 
  • Harassment Prevention in California: The Protected Groups
  • Federal Retaliation
  • Retaliation in California
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Abusive Conduct in the Workplace: AB2053 Training
  • SB396: LGBT Rights in the California Workplace
  • Diversity, Tolerance and Respect


Each section has between 10-15 quiz questions.  When combined, the video and the quiz questions will satisfy the 1-hour training and cover all subjects required by the state of California.


The course includes 58 minutes of video and 52 quiz questions.

  • Harassment Prevention Made Simple
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple
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