Actions & Attitudes: Providing Extraordinary Customer Service

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A customer service video specifically designed for retail environments.


Actions and Attitudes is one of the only customer service videos on the market specifically designed for training in a retail environment.  Join our host as he shops at a clothing store, hardware store, flower shop, and electronics store.  Your employees will see examples of good and bad service from the customer's point of view at each location and learn customer service skills that will enable to handle situations in your organization's retail environment.


Retail businesses live or die by the customer service they provide.  In today's world of online reviews and social media, organizations cannot afford to provide poor service.  One bad moment could be broadcast to thousands, and the same goes for good moments...your great service moments could provide you with a permanent glowing review that lasts forever.  Make sure that your employees are armed with the skills to set your organization apart and provide the service that will allow your business to thrive.


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