Meeting Openers

TrainingABC carries the largest library of meeting opener, break and closer videos on the market. From inspiring your audience with a motivational starter to short programs on leadership, diversity and employment law, we have you covered. TrainingABC is the producer of the classic Great Minds Series, the best-selling short video What's Holding You Back? (Which features Nelson Mandela, John F. Kennedy and Helen Keller among others.) and the break away hits Extraordinary, 1440 minutes and Are We Really So Different, You and I?  Our meeting opener videos are available on DVD and by streaming on your server or ours.  You will find that all of our short videos have a free preview, so take a look start educating and motivating today.

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Are you organizing a business retreat, a convention or simply want to begin your employee training with a bang?  Meeting opener programs are great for almost any business occasion.  Putting your audience in the right frame of mind is half the battle.  Our short inspirational programs will bring out the best in your staff.  In addition, whatever type of meeting you are putting together, video will greatly increase the professionalism of your presentation.

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