Extraordinary - Revised Edition

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This classic best-selling motivational video has been redone with new images and videos as well as many of the old. The new version features stunning HD footage that is sure to inspire your employees and make your presentation look phenomenal. Whether you need to open a meeting, close a meeting or even just need a meeting break, this inspirational program will work perfectly.


Why be ordinary when there are so many ways to be Extraordinary!


  • Why not have a passion for everything you do?
  • Why not be courageous?
  • Why not have a positive attitude?
  • Why not find beauty in everything?
  • Why not be a leader? A coach? A mentor?
  • Why not do something you've never done before?
  • Why not dream big?
  • Why not have conviction, character, value?
  • Why not attack every problem with determination?
  • Why not believe in yourself?


Use Extraordinary's inspiring message, colorful images, video and upbeat motivational music to motivate your team today!


Package Includes: 3 minute DVD

  • Great Minds on Character & Integrity
  • Great Minds on Creativity, Innovation and Imagination
  • Great Minds on Leadership
  • Great Minds on Motivation
  • Great Minds on Teamwork
  • The Great Minds Series
  • The Great Minds Series & What's Holding You Back? Combo
  • What's Holding You Back? - Revised Edition
  • Extraordinary - Revised Edition
  • Think Again: An Innovation & Creativity Meeting Opener
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