1440 Minutes

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An Eye-Opening Motivational Meeting Opener Video!


There are 1440 minutes in every day and every human being on the planet gets the same amount of them.  It's what we do with this time that makes all the difference.  This is the premise of this new short motivational video by TrainingABC.  The film challenges us to use every minute to it's fullest. Using both historical footage and beautiful HD imagery, 1440 minutes will motivate any audience to wake every morning with passion, inspiration, and urgency. 



Everyone struggles with time, yet the most successful people in history had the same amount of time as we have and they were able to accomplish amazing things.  1440 minutes features footage of Amelia Earhart, Frank Lloyd Wright, Albert Einstein, concert pianists & violinists, Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, Henry Ford, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Roger Bannister, Mother Teresa, astronauts, firemen, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.  



1440 minutes works perfectly as a meeting opener, closer, break.



This program comes in a narrated version, a non-narrated version with subtitles and a narrated version with subtitles on the same DVD.


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