Think Again: An Innovation & Creativity Meeting Opener

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This brand, new version of the film is better than ever with new footage and new true stories of some of the most important innovations in our history.


What do heart surgery, the moon landing, automobiles, the lightbulb, home computers and airplanes have in common?  Answer:  They were all thought impossible at one point by some really smart people.  It's a good thing that history's most brilliant scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs gave things a second thought. This upbeat, humorous and inspiring video takes a look at some of history's greatest inventions and achievements and at the naysayers who said they couldn't ever be done.


Think Again is set to upbeat, quirky music and features historical footage of the moon landing, the moon mission taking off from Earth, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and Henry Ford's Model Ts.


If you need a meeting opener that will inspire your group to groundbreaking creativity and innovation, you have found it!

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