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This three-part series brings fun back to the workplace, enabling managers and supervisors to address attitude, conflict, and stress in a constructive, motivational manner. 

The series starts with Activating Attitude, a four-minute meeting opener that promotes a positive, cheerful outlook. The message focuses on health, productivity, and overall happiness, encouraging employees with thoughtful ideas that prompt open discussions. The second video in the series, Unlocking Conflict, concentrates on dealing with difficult situations in the workplace in a positive manner. From resolving existing issues to preventing unpleasant encounters in the first place, this video offers sound methods for employees of any experience and in any industry. We close with Tackling Stress, a comprehensive stress management training video that provides 20 different ways to deal with tension and anxiety in the workplace. Fast-paced yet incredibly thorough, this video functions as an addition to time management training or as a fun, energetic meeting opener.

Key Points

  • Encourages a positive, vibrant attitude
  • Utilizes thoughtful quotes and fun animation
  • Approaches real-life workplace issues with compassion and energy
  • Melds seamlessly with your daily office routine or as a part of further training
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  • Extraordinary - Revised Edition
  • Think Again: An Innovation & Creativity Meeting Opener
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