All Compliance Training

TrainingABC carries employment law videos on harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, The ADA, the FMLA, e-mail, social media, documenting discipline and workplace violence in addition to training on many other workplace legal topics. Available in DVD, e-learning or streaming, these employment law training programs will help ensure that your employees remain in compliance and avoid liability. 

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Employment law training applies mostly to legal issues pertaining to worker’s rights, however it also covers illegal behavior that any employee might engage in; such as harassment or insider trading.  The ultimate responsibility, when it comes to employment law, is up to the employer.  The employer hires the workers and oversees their behavior.  Organizations have an obligation to provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace that is free from offensive behaviors and legally compliant. 

When organizations fail to fulfill these obligations they become liable in court and subject to government fines risking very expensive outcomes.  However, these costs pale in comparison to the business cost.  The loss in productivity and the loss of good employees who leave the organization can cost an organization billions.  Make sure that your organization has the tools it needs to provide effect employment law training.

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