Harassment Training For Managers

Managers are on the frontlines of harassment prevention and how they approach offensive behaviors will set the tone for all the employees they supervise.  Make sure that the managers and supervisors in your organization are armed with the information and tools they need to prevent harassment.  TrainingABC offers harassment training videos for managers that are available in DVD, video streaming and e-learning formats.  Take a moment to view the free video previews we have for each program and make a selection…we will have your training started immediately.

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What can Managers do to Prevent Harassment?


First of all managers need to set the tone.  This means taking harassment at all levels seriously.  When offensive or harassing behavior presents itself, a manager needs to be firm.  Letting your employees know that harassment of any type will not be tolerated.  This should be done immediately to maximize the impact.  Managers should never laugh at off-color jokes or comments.  Even a smile could be seen as tacit approval of the behavior.


Managers should look for signs of harassment.  Often, employees will not commit acts of harassment in front of manager or supervisor.  Managers who get out from behind their desk and walk the workplace have a much better chance of catching harassment early.  In addition to behavior, managers should look for offensive materials like posters, books or videos.


Managers should have an open door policy for complaints.  If employees know their manager is serious about harassment, they will come to them for help.  Managers should make it clear to their employees that they are there to help and will thoroughly investigate any complaints.  Documentation is a key part of the process.  Any actions taking in reference to harassment should be thoroughly documented.


Managing a harassment free workplace is not only the correct legal and ethical choice, but it will also create a healthy and productive workplace that is more profitable and efficient. 

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