Sexual Harassment Prevention in New York State Spanish Version

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Fully updated in 2023.


Our brand new sexual harassment course created specifically to cover New York state training requirements is now available in Spanish. This course is both narrated and titled in Spanish. In 2018, both New York state and New York City passed sexual harassment laws which require training for every New Yorker in organizations with 1 or more employees.


This course was designed to cover both laws, so it will work if you have employees in New York City and it will work if you have no employees in New York City. The laws are very similar with the only major difference being that New York City requires bystander intervention training and New York state does not. Because, bystander intervention is recognized worldwide as the best way to prevent harassment, your non-New York city employee will benefit from this section as well. This course covers the content required by New York City and State and closely follows the New York state model training program. A quiz is included to satisfy the interactive portion of the law.

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