Everyday Creativity

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The Everyday Creativity Video is our number one best-selling program on Creativity.

Famous photojournalist Dewitt Jones uses his love for photography to inspire creativity. In “Everyday Creativity”, Jones takes viewers on a phenomenal, magical journey. While visiting breathtaking locales, he teaches skills and techniques for using one’s imagination to overcome day to day challenges. Concepts learned from this video include:

  • Creativity is personal.
  • Creativity inspires you to look for more than one right answer.
  • Take risks without fear of mistakes.
  • The importance of changing directions at times.
  • How to turn problems into opportunities.

Many believe creativity is a talent that one is born with, however Jones tells us it is a skill that can be learned. Give the gift of creativity to your team by sharing this video with them. Creativity will always result in innovative thinking and eventual success. Along with the DVD, you will receive a leader’s guide and workbook to help with supplemental projects and activities to aid in learning. 

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