Focus Your Vision

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Many employees have minimal drive and direction because of lack of purpose. Help your staff find their way with Dewitt Jones’ video – “Focus on Vision”. Jones is a renowned trainer and motivational speaker passionate about helping business leaders fulfill their dreams.

In this video, your team will learn a few basic principles including:

  • The importance of staying focused.
  • How to keep what is valuable and cut away the rest.
  • Dreaming big and reaching for the stars.
  • Building confidence in one’s intuition.
  • Learning to evaluate what one sees and hears.
  • Not being afraid to think outside the box.

Further, your team will be inspired to follow their vision with action. This will help them to determine their purpose and reach their goals. Jones is also the creator of other training videos including: “Everyday Creativity” and “Celebrate What’s Right With the World”. 

Dewitt Jones has five other videos Celebrate What's Right With the World, Everyday Creativity and For the Love of It, More Than One Right Answer & Juice.

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