Construction Safety

Construction sites are laden with hazards, making employees vulnerable to workplace accidents. Construction programs provide workers with the proper knowledge so they are aware of hazards types they may encounter on the job. A proven and efficient method of training construction workers is with high-quality construction safety videos like we offer.

People that work on construction sites may be working in the blind, unaware of hazards they may encounter, and a single step away from a serious or fatal injury. OSHA has guidelines for ensuring a safe workplace, which covers the Federal regulations and construction industry requirements. Our videos includes information about employer and employee rights and responsibilities according to OSHA, providing the basic survey of OSHA, OSH act, and OSHA’s role in prevention and elimination of work related illnesses and injuries. Empower your construction workers by providing them with our professionally produced construction safety training videos.

Train your construction crew from the ground up with our construction safety courses. Our videos will raise safety awareness reducing injuries and the costs associated with construction site mishaps. Our construction safety training videos cover vital topics such as: Aerial Work Platforms, Asbestos Awareness, Bloodborne Pathogens, Compressed Air Fundamentals, Driver Safety Hazard Recognition, Electrical Safety General Awareness, Fall Prevention and Protection, Fire Extinguisher Safety, First Aid For Emergencies, Forklift Safety, Hand and Power Tools, Hand Safety, Hearing Conservation, Ladder Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, and Respirators.

Did you know that it is the employers’ responsibility to assess the workplace hazards? If workplace hazards are present or are likely to be present, the employer must provide personal protective equipment to the exposed employees. If you employ construction workers you will benefit from educating your staff with our construction safety videos. As the construction business owner you will also benefit from the information on the video, which provides you the knowledge for construction site compliance.
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