Code of Conduct Basic Training

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Code of Conduct Training Made Simple


We've just made your code of conduct training a lot easier!  We have packaged together seven courses that are on subjects most often included in an organization's code of conduct training programs.  This course works perfectly for all employees in an organization.  It can be used for onboarding or a refresher for veteran employees.


Courses Topics in the Code of Conduct Basic Package:


Direct, no-nonsense 6-minute video that spells out inappropriate conduct that could result in illegal harassment of the federally protected groups and warns of the penalties that could result from illegal harassment.  15 question quiz.


This 6-minute video that details inappropriate conduct, federal laws and consequences.  Your employees will finish the training very clear on what type of behavior will not be tolerated in the workplace.  15 question quiz.


5-minute video that details the behavior that constitutes workplace bullying and how bullying negatively affects the workplace.  10 question quiz.


8 1/2 minute video that details the most common ethical situations at work such as employee theft, bribes, gossiping, social media and dozens of other types conduct.  15 question quiz.


This 9-minute video that explains how e-mail works, why it is dangerous and illegal and inappropriate use of email. The legal use of text messaging is also included.  10 question quiz.


Social media use is full of legal pitfalls...from defamation and harassment to confidential information this course covers all of the major legal issues involved with social media.  Additionally, the program covers overuse and how social media posts are never private and always permanent.


This new 11-minute course explains what diversity is, why it's important and how employees can make their workplace more inclusive. 

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