California Specific - AB1825

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a complex issue that every business must deal with. Although training specific to these issues is imperative across industries, in California the AB1825 Sexual Harassment law requires training for supervisors in organizations with more than 50 employees. The law is unique in and of itself, and our sexual harassment in California training videos help make sense of its specific mandates, ensuring that you and your managers meet all requirements.

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AB1825 requires that all supervisors and managers complete comprehensive sexual harassment training within six months of being hired or promoted to a supervisory position, and undergo repeat training every 24 months, all under the tutelage of a professional experienced in sexual harassment. The training itself must be at least 2 hours in length and contain interactive components, preferably those that outline real-life scenarios that supervisors may face during their tenure. Training must also include instruction that teaches supervisors how to keep accurate records of the training extended to each employee, manager or not.


Our extensive range of video training materials act as an essential backdrop for this training, allowing you and your employees to meet the requirements in California. In addition to a wide selection of training videos that work for companies in all states, we also offer a variety of options specific to employers in California. Outside of adhering to California law, comprehensive sexual harassment training creates a foundation for a successful and healthy work environment, discourages instances that can cause conflict, and directly effects overall employee morale. Protect yourself and your company from lawsuits and productivity-hindering conflicts with our extensive selection of sexual harassment training videos. Read the facts about California's AB1825 Sexual Harassment Law.


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