California AB 1963: Mandated Reporters for Child Abuse, Neglect and Sexual Abuse

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What if abuse goes unreported? What employees are considered Mandated Reporters? Mandated Reporters are employees in contact with minors. They are required to report abuse or can be fined and even serve jail time.

As of January 1, 2021, California businesses face new legal guidelines and reporting requirements to remain compliant with Assembly Bill 1963. Companies with as few as five employees are subject to these stipulations.


It is imperative that organizations train their employees now to fulfill their legal requirements, and also protect their employees and avoid costly penalties.


Topics Covered in this Program:


  • Identifying warning signs
  • Determining what constitutes abuse
  • What is not considered abuse
  • Who is classified as a Mandated Reporter
  • Channels, forms and protocol to report abuse
  • How often to train employees
  • Deadlines for reporting abuse
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Made Simple
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention Made Simple
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