HIPAA privacy and security compliance training is one of the most important training topics for any organization who works with Personal Health Information or PHI. Keeping health care records secure and private is a big responsibility and employee training is critical and requied by the law. TrainingABC carries a library of HIPAA training programs for both security and privacy.  Our products cover HIPAA as well as other updates to HIPAA such as the HiTECH act of 2009 and the final Omnibus Rule of 2013. Take a look at our programs and view the free video previews available on each product description.

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In 1996, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was signed into law.  The law, more commonly know as HIPAA, protects the privacy of every medical record and strengthens every individual’s control of personal health records by giving them greater access to their personal health information and greater control of the use and disclosure of these records.


HIPPA has been updated several times over the years.  Noteworthy updates include the HITECH act of 2009, which increased penalties for non-compliance and imposed stringent requirements for data breach and the final Omnibus Rule of 2013, which strengthened privacy protection to its greatest level yet.


HIPAA rules should be important to all us of because we all have a personal health history.  Protecting this information is one of the most important duties of the healthcare professional.   Not only because privacy is a sacred right that we all cherish, but also because it is federal law.  Compliance is mandatory and HHS can level severe civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance.


Anyone who obtains or discloses protected health information by deliberate neglect, for personal or commercial financial gain or for any other malicious purpose may be subject to termination, demotion, suspension, hefty fines, loss of license or criminal prosecution.  HIPAA compliance is serious business, so make sure your employees are trained on the topic immediately.

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