You'll Soon Get the Hang of It

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29 minutes
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You’ll Soon Get the Hang of It doesn’t include John Cleese, but it does feature the always hilarious commentary and narration of Hugh Laurie! 

In this training video, we explore the importance of being a good trainer. The program covers effective techniques that can be applied to one-on-one training sessions. We learn why it’s vital for leaders and managers to possess good training skills. We also view a number of realistic scenarios that feature diverse settings, including a warehouse, office, dentist’s office and hotel. Each presents new challenges for the trainer and trainee.

You’ll Soon Get the Hang of It also discusses the psychology behind why people have a desire to learn and how to help them reach their training goals. You will learn how to put each lesson into context, how to provide manageable amounts of information at a time and how to review the trainee at each stage of the learning process.

You’ll Soon Get the Hang of It will:

  • Introduce the skills necessary to teach on the job
  • Cover those with staff responsibilities
  • Present structured lessons and visual examples
  • Discuss unique scenarios that are relatable

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