Workteams and the Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz holds many great memories for most adults. This film classic includes a host of lovable characters with a fabulous storyline. Turner Broadcasting permitted Advanced Knowledge, Inc. to use the 1939 original film by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer starring Judy Garland in this instructional video. Extremely entertaining, this movie is powerfully used to teach and educate leaders how to build successful and effective teams.

Hosted by Ken Blanchard, an internationally recognized management expert, this training video teaches teamwork using Dorothy and her friends as examples. Blanchard shows how Dorothy utilizes the skills and talents of those around her eventually developing a strong and resourceful team. These leadership principles are applied to business management resulting in a lesson that teaches teamwork, goal setting and encouraging others.

After viewing this video, attendees will be inspired to:

  • Work cohesively toward one goal
  • Embrace both diversity and adversity
  • Use setbacks as encouragement as opposed to discouragement

Use this video as part of a curriculum in team building, leadership or management training. 

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