Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don't Quit

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Narrated by retired management professor Dr. Margaret Wheatley, Twelve Angry Men is an excellent video for leadership conferences. It teaches participants how to build and develop effective working teams.

Wheatley uses the film, Twelve Angry Men, to hit home points on:

  • The importance of open communication.
  • Accepting responsibility and the outcome of decisions.
  • Respecting and treating everyone as an important part of the team.
  • How diversity benefits decision making.
  • Conflict is an inevitable part of acquiring new and needed information.

Starring Henry Fonda, Twelve Angry Men is highly resourceful in teaching business concepts such as goal setting and conflict resolution. In the movie, a group of jurors must come to a verdict of guilty or non-guilty in a murder case. After intense discussions and near fighting, these jurors develop into a successful and efficient working team. How did they do it?

Facilitated by Dr. Wheatley, also a best-selling author of books about leadership and organizational behavior, many scenes from the movie are used to relate the behaviors, actions and experiences of the jurors to the needs of business and corporate leaders.

Divided into five segments, this video emphasizes:

  • Leadership: The importance of valuing everyone on the team including their input.
  • Decision-Making: Staying focused, committed and working together to complete the task at hand.
  • Equality: Giving everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion and be heard. No opinion is put down or criticized, but all input respected and considered.
  • Conflict: Conflict may be necessary for a resolution. Attendees will learn how to work through conflict to meet their objectives.
  • Diversity/Inclusion: Everyone brings something different to the table. Varying experiences and backgrounds are positive in building an effective team.  Inclusion further allows teams to learn and gain insight from each other.

Use this video in team building seminars, leadership conferences or management meetings. It includes a 25 minute video along with a facilitator’s guide to aid in stimulating discussions and incorporating other activities to enhance learning. 

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