The Spirit At Work

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When people connect on a spiritual level, there is nothing they cannot achieve. In this video, James Autry, a business veteran, best-selling author and innovative leader shares a wealth of knowledge that will move your team toward great success. 

This includes Autry’s “five ways of being” which are described as:

  • Authenticity : Be yourself
  • Vulnerability: Resist the need to control.
  • Accepting: Understand there should be no winner or loser.
  • Presence: Be alert and attentive.
  • Usefulness: Make yourself available to assist and help others.

Practical, clear and easy to understand, Autry’s information is helpful for managers in any field. He encourages viewers to care for and devote time to their own spiritual growth and development at work. The result is a leader that can inspire others and build a team of high achievers.

"There is no business; there are only people. Business exists only among people and for people. Seems simple enough, but not enough people seem to get it."--James A. Autry

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