The Power of Vision

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The Power of Vision is now on DVD!

Do you have a corporate vision? If so, does everyone understand it? And, will it inspire and push your team to new heights? In “The Power of Vision” business consultant Joel Barker stresses the importance of having a corporate or team vision that leads to success.

Being a positive visionary is imperative to the growth of any organization or industry. Whether education, healthcare, government or for-profit, the greatest way to change the future of the organization is to change the mindset and vision of those working in and for it.

In this video, Barker shares the story of many who have overcome because of the power of vision. From a prisoner who survives a concentration camp to underprivileged children who have gone on to complete college; all have the power of vision in common.

After viewing this video, your leaders will understand:

  • How vision makes direction and decision making easier.
  • How visions must motivate the entire team.
  • How to use the vision to challenge each member.

Use this video as part of your annual goal setting meetings; or incorporate it in new employee, leadership or team building seminars. Inspirational and memorable, after seeing the video, everyone will leave the meeting encouraged and motivated to work together as one. 

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