The New Business of Paradigms – Second Edition

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Revised and updated, Joel Barker’s “New Business of Paradigms” offers a wealth of valuable business information. It includes both the original edition along with new data that will help prepare your team for a paradigm shift.

Joel Barker, a renowned business consultant, is recognized as an expert in preparing and helping companies adapt to a paradigm shift. He has traveled the world advising business owners and leaders who are facing unforeseen and radical industry changes.

In the new edition, several inspiring success stores are shared about teams that have not only survived, but excelled in the midst of change. On the other hand, he talks about the failures of the Swiss watch industry who refused to adapt to digital technology resulting in a loss of much of their market share to competitors in Japan. Prepare your leadership team for possible shifts by sharing this educational video with them. Ideal for managerial trainings and leadership workshops, it will help you to grow a team that is:

  • Vigilant about seeking out potential paradigm shifts.
  • Open to and ready to adapt to change.
  • Committed to staying ahead of the competition.
  • Accepting of paradigms as a commonality.
  • Courageous enough to change paradigms.

This package includes two videos – “The Classic Edition” along with “The 21st Century Edition” for no added charge. With it you will receive additional stories and illustrations that will enhance learning. 

  • The Business of Paradigms
  • The Power of Vision
  • The Star Thrower Story
  • Think Again: An Innovation & Creativity Meeting Opener
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