The Guest - Second Edition

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Two 14 minute programs
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This customer service video is a newly updated version of the original guest.  This product includes the original The Guest and The Guest - 2nd Edition on the same DVD.

The most important aspect in the success of a company is the type of customer service it provides to guests and clients. Although some employees are innately capable of providing even the most unique customer with excellent service and care, most require a primer on the types of situations that they may deal with, as well as ideas for tackling those issues head-on.

This second edition of one of the best-selling customer service training videos in the industry takes its core philosophies to a whole new level, focusing on a one-on-one approach that works time and time again. This updated training product provides the techniques and tricks espoused in the original version, while including a modern feel and additional scenarios that add even more to the original concept. The Guest enables employees to view customers as a visitor in their home rather than a client, focusing on creating an enjoyable experience for the person, even if they don’t make the process easy. Utilizing workplace appropriate humor and dramatized situations to make each idea and suggestion memorable, The Guest provides employees with a foundation on which they can build up their own innate talents and add new skills to their arsenal, ultimately creating a staff of customer-service oriented professionals.

Key Points

  • Making a first impression with a warm greeting
  • Asking for and using the customer’s name to plant the seeds of a service-driven relationship
  • Recognizing and meeting customer needs
  • Thanking the customer
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