The Dreaded Appraisal

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Giving or receiving a review is not easy. Even when the news is good, participants can feel anxious or may view the interview as a waste of time. When the news is bad, things can get much worse.  The way you handle the appraisal can determine whether it becomes a valuable tool for improvement or a total disaster that ruins morale. In the Dreaded Appraisal, we will learn how to avoid irrelevant arguments, how to remain in control and how to gain agreement on measurable performance goals.

This program shows us how three different managers handle appraisal interviews with three employees. Each represents a specific problem personality. The viewer sees how the problem shouldn’t be handled as well as how the manager can turn an otherwise negative situation into a positive one.

First we encounter Shy Sharon who doesn’t like to share her concerns and opinions. The manager encourages Sharon to express herself and shows the value in open, honest communication. Then we observe Touchy Tracey who becomes very defensive and views every comment as a criticism. The manager changes directions by providing constructive criticism in a way that’s graceful and helps Tracey regain her balance. Finally we watch as Aggressive Alan is redirected from organization critiquing to review his role in the organization.

This program includes a special presentation for appraisees which explains what to expect and how to prepare for their next appraisal. 

Please note: Due to contractual restrictions, The Dreaded Appraisal can only be shipped to locations in the United States.

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