The Accountability Advantage: Practical Tools for Personal and Organizational Growth with Sam Silverstein

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90 minutes
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Where does the buck stop with your success or failure?  It stops with you, of course.  Many people make excuses but truly successful people are completely accountable for their own prosperity.  Join Sam Silverstein as he hosts this information-packed seminar on being responsible for our own choices and ultimately our own results. You will learn how to be proactively accountable, how to have more significance, look at yourself honestly, figure out the obstacles in your path and much more.  This program is applicable to any workplace and to any person at any position.

Sam Silverstein wears many hats.  Not only is he an entrepreneur, accountability guru, and best-selling author but he has worked with some of the most successful companies in the world as a speaker and consultant.  Your organization can now benefit from his wisdom on accountability with this new video seminar.

Learning Points:

  • Learn about the different phases of accountability.
  • Always develop your strategies with your values in mind.
  • Learn how to be proactively Accountable.
  • Learn about the makings of a Mastermind Group
  • How to look at your own values and improve their significance. 
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