Service Impact! Series: Levels of Learning

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Levels of Learning is a training program that belongs to our Service Impact series of courses. This video offers a high impact, effective educational tool that improves the way employees manage customer inquiries and issues. Viewers can see the correct and incorrect way to handle interactions through real life-inspired situations.

In Levels of Learning, the viewer is introduced to seasoned service representative Carlos.  Carols is an expert on his product and he tends to assume that others are just as knowledgeable as he is. This presents a problem as he becomes an example of an "unconscious competent", or a highly skilled individual who is unaware that he is especially skilled.

The problem begins when customer Justine calls in. Justine is the opposite of Carlos, or a "conscious incompetent." That means she doesn't know much about the product and becomes anxious because of her lack of understanding. Justine speaks to Carlos but becomes frustrated when he doesn't help her.

Carlos' coworker Stacy shows a third perspective, that of someone who is clueless and unaware of it - or an "unconscious competent." Stacy tells a customer that she has no idea how to help him, which makes her and her company look very bad.

Part 2 of the video shows Angela, another seasoned rep who also knows how to treat customers. She does her best to be helpful and patient when someone who doesn't understand the product calls in. She speaks with customer Warren who is having technical issues. He becomes anxious because he feels that his job and reputation are at risk because of his lack of knowledge.  Angela helps Warren relax and resolves his issue.

Next we see service rep Mia who also doesn't know much about the software, but she is aware that she knows little. She's very concerned about how her lack of knowledge will make her look at work. Angela steps in, easing Mia's concerns and providing guidance. Through Levels of Learning, viewers will:

  • Find out how to quickly recognize the skill and competency level of customers and coworkers
  • Learn how to identify when someone is aware or unaware of their skill level
  • Discover more ways to improve the way they handle customers and coworkers of different skill levels
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