Preventing Accidents for Municipal Employees

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10 minutes
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Though we all know a lot when it comes to safety, this program explains what every new city employee must do to prevent work-related injuries, like learning emergency escape procedures, knowing where fire extinguishers and first aid kits are located, always wearing any required protective equipment and consistently paying attention to good housekeeping so spills and materials on the floor do not cause slips and falls.

In addition the program emphasizes the importance of reporting unsafe conditions like loose tiles and floor boards, exposed wires, boxes of materials piled too high and equipment that has deteriorated to a level where it might pose a danger.

By the end of the program new employees see that staff members who maintain high safety standards create an environment where accidents almost never happen, and that that is the kind of staff member they, too, are expected to be.

Package Includes: 10 minute DVD or VHS

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