Pit Crew Challenge: Driven To Perform

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NASCAR pit crews must work seamlessly together to accomplish their goals. With just seconds to spare, the crew must change tires, pump gas and ensure all car parts are in good working order. A failure could mean danger to their driver and others.

A successful pit crew requires strong teamwork and everyone utilizing their personal strengths and talents to get the job done. In this video, a team of corporate executives are challenged to function as a pit crew. These execs have very little automotive experience but must find a way to complete their task. Through trial and error, the execs will learn to apply three basic rules that result in building a successful, high performing team.

  • Clarity - Staying focused on the task ahead.
  • Collaboration – Working together toward one common goal.
  • Courage – Not being afraid to give your absolute best.

After viewing this video, your team can then apply these principles to your work environment resulting in better productivity and stronger working relationships.

Use this DVD for leadership training or team building. It includes a 15 minute video along with a guide that will stimulate discussion. 

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