Pickle Recognition Kit!

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We've got "Pickle Service" in the bag... well, actually it's in a jar.

Get your motivational program up and going with our Pickle Recognition Kit (and it's not just a clever name). It comes complete with our new pickle recognition cards, 'Give 'em the Pickle' balloons, a Bob Farrell Bob-blehead doll, and more (see the detailed list below). Combined with the Pickle Recognition Campaign instructions, guidelines, and worksheet (which are yours to download FREE, and come with the kit on CD-ROM) this is full-service, employee based, recognition program will keep the momentum of your pickle training going and keep your customers coming back!

If you prefer, customize the campaign to better fit your organization and purchase items individually from our products page!

What You Get:

  • 1 Pickle Jar with a "Give Away a Pickle a Day" Label
  • 10 Balloons
  • 1 Pickle Garland
  • 100 Pickle Recognition Cards
  • 100 Green Pickle Pins
  • 10 Gold Pickle Pins
  • 1 Bob Farrell Bobblehead Doll (ships after May 15th)
  • 12 Pickle Picture Mattes
  • 10 Congratulations Certificates
  • 10 Pickle Diplomas
  • 1 81-foot Emerald Green Streamer
  • 1 Recognition Program Instructions CD-Rom
  • 3 Pickle Posters (It's Show Time Baby, Your Business Is Who You Serve, and Have You Given Away Any Pickles Today?)
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