Performance Review Series - Part 1: Every Manager's Nightmare

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Each organization you work for likely has its own unique performance review system. No matter how you approach it, almost every employee feels anxiety or even dread when its review time. Performance reviews are intended to encourage improvement and success. In our Performance Review series, we will discover ways to manage performance reviews from both sides of the interview so that everyone sees them in a more positive way.

This program is part one of the two part Performance Review series. Both parts are available as one package or individually. 

In Every Manager’s Nightmare, we view 30 minutes of scenarios aimed at managers. Some think that doing reviews less often will somehow help lessen the stress and negativity surrounding the review. In reality this rarely has any impact. Both sides must learn how to play their role if the review is to become a positive, helpful tool.

Part one introduces us to six nightmarish personalities: Weepy Wendy, Defensive Dennis, Non-stick Nigel, Silent Steve, Bored Betty and Bolshy Becky. Along with each unique character we also see how the manager handles them the wrong way.  The program also sheds light on the right way to conduct each review so they become less confrontational and more successful and productive.

Every Manager’s Nightmare will:

  • Cover vital interviewing skills
  • Provide interesting drama from 2 perspectives
  • Present engaging characters with unique behaviors
  • Reveal the right way to handle each character

Please note: Due to contractual restrictions, Every Manager’s Nightmare can only be shipped to addresses within the United States.

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