Online Predators A Parents Guide to Fighting Online Predators

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Did you know that the most common way for pedophiles and child predators to meet children to exploit and victimize is online? Online Predators: A Parents Guide teaches parents the reality of this chilling fact and then provides all of the information needed to help protect their kids from harm. The video features cyber crime experts from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation speaking candidly about the issue of online predators and providing sound, smart advice that parents with older children, kids and teens can use to ensure their children remain away from a predator's reach.

What They'll Learn:

  • The true online dangers confronting kids
  • How to know when their kids are being groomed by a predator
  • Ways to protect kids from potential victimizers
  • Methods of monitoring what kids do on the Internet
  • How to talk to teens about online safety
  • Safety rules for meeting online friends in person
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  • Internet Safety Series - Stopping Online Predators
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